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Parz lake, Dilijan, Armenia

ARMENIA SATI TOUR offers hiking tours by some well known and traveled routes along spectacular gorges and mountain slopes. You can take them separately, or in combination with other sites to be visited by car. You can also choose other no less beautiful destinations

and routes, and SATI will be happy to design individual programs and provide you with certified instructors.
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(60 km to the North-West of Yerevan )
Mt. Aragats is the highest elevation in Armenia (4095 m) with four summits.
It is located between Ararat and Shirak valleys and Akhurian and Kasagh rivers.

The southern peak (3879 m) is the most convenient for hiking and climbing. In summer, it offers the view of Kari Lake (3250 m), from where your hike starts towards the summit. The rocks, wild flowers and views make the ascent of Aragats unforgettable. It takes about two hours to climb and less time to return to the lake. After a hearty lunch and some rest by the lakeside (more adventurous visitors can take a swim in the clear and cold waters of the lake) you will return back to Yerevan .

Total trip duration: 8 hours

(130 km to the North-East of Yerevan )
The Parz Lich ( Clear Lake ) is situated 9km South-East from the town of Dilijan on the altitude of 1350m. It is fed by mountainous springs. It is 300m long, 100m wide and reaches up to 10m in depth.
Starting your walk from the lake, you proceed (about 3 hours) along forest paths to Goshavank Monastery. The XII-XIII century monastery played a very special role in medieval Armenia ‘s religious, cultural and educational life. Here stands one of the masterpieces of Armenian unique art, the famous “Aseghnagorts” khachkar – “Embroidered” crosstone , the work of sculptor Varpet (Master) Poghos. On the way back (by car) to Yerevan you can visit the Monastery of Haghartsin

Total trip duration: 10 hours

(40km to the East of Yerevan )
The minibus takes you to the pagan temple of Garni, where the hiking tour starts from. You descend into the Azat river gorge to admire its sharp organ-like cliffs and walk towards the Havoots Tar monastic complex (XI-XIII centuries). It’s an impressive walled monastery, half ruined, on a promontory across the Garni river gorge. From there, it is planned to visit the Monastery Geghard (by car).
Total trip duration: 8 hours.


(50km to the North-west of Yerevan )
By choosing this route you will have a chance to explore the beautiful gorge, to see one of the most powerful radio astronomy telescopes in the world and to socialize with local people, on top of detailed tour around the Fortress of Amberd (VII – XIII centuries). The second stop is at the Monastery of Tegher (XIII century) located on the southern slopes of Mt. Aragats . The last stop is at Aghtsk, the Arshakunyats Dynasty graveyard, which is associated with many local legends and traditions.

Total trip duration: 10 hours.

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